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Editing and proofing

They're often bandied about interchangeably, but copy editing
and proofreading are different things.

And both are integral to looking and sounding professional.

Copy editing

In a nutshell (and publishing aside), copy editing is the first stage in
fixing up something.

Things like unclear wording, awkward sentences, repetition and inconsistency are fixed.


Proofreading is the last line of defence.

Spelling, punctuation, grammar—every word is scrutinised
to make sure the document is error free.

Typos, dodgy punctuation and waffle really irritate people.

Sloppy writing can also affect how people perceive you.

How do you feel about a corner shop when you spot its sign for fish and chip’s?

Or about an insurer spruiking about its heath cover on TV?

Or about the agency with its aim to widen children's vocabluary?

Mistakes like this make you look bad, regardless of how tasty your chips really are.

'It was beyond awesome having you in my corner
to help bring this book to life.'


Alison Hill, author, 'Stand Out' (Wiley, 2016)

A good chunk of my work is copy editing and proofreading: helping government agencies and businesses look and sound professional
(and to current Australian standards).


Does your draft need a polish?

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