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Government work

Government projects make up about 80 per cent of my work.


My 10 years in government comms means I understand the sensitivities of government messages and how they need to be written. 

I know the writing style guide inside out and run government writing training too.

I help NT and federal agencies with proofreading, plain English editing and writing.

Fracking Inquiry interim, draft final and final reports

NT Department of the Chief Minister, June 2017, December 2017 and March 2018


Proofread the three 500+ page reports to correct errors and meet NTG style. Flagged issues and inconsistencies for client to address.

NT Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review Report

NT Department of Health, September 2017


Copy edited and proofread the final report to ensure copy meets NT Government style requirements.

Renewable Energy Report

NT Department of the Chief Minister, July 2017


Edit report into plain English for a general audience. Proofread copy to NTG style and flag unclear or inconsistent messages.

NT Government annual reports: 2016–17


Copy edited and/or proofread annual reports for seven agencies:

Department of the Chief Minister

Department of Housing and Community Development

Department of Education

Department of the Environment and Natural Resources

NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Darwin Waterfront Corporation

NT Environment Protection Authority

Manymak Energy Efficiency Project Final Report

Power and Water Corporation, November, 2016


Copy edit and proofread the 270-page Manymak Energy Efficiency Project Final Report to remove 'voices' of multiple authors, ensure copy is clear and consistent, and correct all spelling and grammar errors.

NT ESL Levels teacher resource

NT Department of Education, January 2017


Copy edit and proofread suite of nine documents for clarity and consistency. Correct spelling and grammatical errors. 

'Deadly Choices' workbook

Danila Dilba Health Service, April 2016


Proofread student workbook to correct spelling, grammatical and consistency errors per Australian Government style. 

Aboriginal Health KPI Indicators Report

NT Department of Health, April 2016


Edit report into plain English. Proofread copy to NTG style and flag unclear or inconsistent messages.

Selling to Power and Water Guideline

Power and Water Corporation, 2015


Rewrite the client's content for the 20-page guide into plain English so it's clear and easy to understand for the primary audience (NT contractors).

I help agencies make government reports and strategies clear, consistent, error free and in line with government style rules.


I work on documents from a couple of pages to more than 500.