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Writing training

Are misplaced apostrophe's and fluffy, unclear writing making you look bad?

My writing workshops help people at all levels – graduates to middle managers to senior execs – write clearly and confidently.

Punctuation unpacked workshop
Workshop 1

3.5 hours

Punctuation unpacked

It's or its?


And how do you decide

where commas go?

In 3.5 hours, your team will learn (or refresh) critical writing skills: 


  • how to use apostrophes 
    correctly (including its v it's and Chris' v Chris's)

  • where commas actually go (without thinking about breathing)

  • the difference between colons and semicolons (and the right punctuation with 'however')

  • when capital letters are needed (and not)

  • writing numbers and formatting bulleted lists

  • 10 commonly mixed-up words (affect/effect, practise/practice)

  • all to current Australian writing guidelines.

Plain English workshop
Workshop 2

2.5 hours

How to write in plain English

Waffle, long sentences and confusing words are not cool.

For any audience.

This is a 2.5-hour refresher on the mechanics of clear writing:


  • write short, snappy sentences

  • choose simple words over long, complex ones

  • cut the waffle and get to the point (by avoiding wordy phrases, nominalisations and tautologies)

  • write negative messages positively

  • make your writing active and direct (instead of passive and clunky)

  • online tools to check your writing

  • write clear emails, reports, policies and memos that people want to read.

Email writing workshop
Workshop 3

2.5 hours

Email writing

Email is an essential communication tool.
Many are poorly written and unprofessional.

A new 2.5-hour workshop on the nuts and bolts of modern email etiquette at work:


  • email purpose and structure

  • the subject line

  • greeting and sign off

  • language and tone

  • emojis, text speak and abbreviations

  • being brief, positive and polite

  • CC, BCC and ‘reply all’

  • government emails: FOI

  • overused words and phrases

  • email tips

  • common email mistakes.

Run one, two or all three workshops

Most clients run two workshops together as a full day of writing PD (with an hour for lunch in between).

Contact me for a chat about a workshop for your team.

‘Jo’s workshop was so clear and simple in its approach.


What we learnt has made a big difference to our team’s approach to our business writing.’

Janet Hamilton

Darwin Convention Centre

Helpful and (surprisingly!) enjoyable.


I've been making apostrophe errors for years.

A senior NTG manager

on 'Punctuation unpacked'

We frequently run Jo’s workshops. They're suitable for all levels—we’ve run them for AO2 to executive level.


Writing is a skill needed at all levels, and these sessions have greatly lifted our written communication.’

Peta Preo

DCIS, NT Government

I didn't think I needed this course but very glad I came.

'Punctuation unpacked' participant

‘Staff are still referring to the workbook and using the tools and ideas Jo taught us months after the course.


In so many courses, it’s in one ear and out the other, but Jo’s content, methodology and delivery mean it actually makes a difference to the way we go about our work.’

Narelle Gosstray

NT Department of Sport and Recreation

Crikey, Jo, I've never seen ‘perfect’ used so frequently on feedback forms.

NT Government HR director

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